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Issues after reinstalling v3.5.4 and upgrading.


We've been running v3.5.4 on a Windows PC without issue for a few years.

The PC then started to have hardware issues so we backed up the SQL Database and reinstalled the same version on openSuSE. Following that we upgraded to 3.8.9

Everything appears to be working fine appear from one of our inhouse systems.
One of our systems syncs the username and password from the forum. This allows the user to create an account on the forum and use the same credentials on our system.

Since the move to openSuSE and 3.8.9 we have found after a period of time the credentials on our system won't allow the user to log in, but the same user can log in to the forum.

Just wondered if anyone knew were I could get a changelog between these versions, or if there have been any changes to the username, password, hash or salt in the new version ?

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