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MOTY ! vJoomla!

This isn't small news for either vB or Joomla!

vB has been MORE than negligent in not getting around to a CMS. I know now for sure I'll never understand why they couldn't come up with something a long time ago. When I say CMS, I mean anything other than just a forum ! /end rant.

Why people have actually stuck with vBulletin when it really is just forum software kind of perplexes me as well.

I have followed vB integration with Joomla! for years. This is a big step forward. If alot of Joomla!'s plugins work, this will be a MASSIVE step forward.

Joomla! is a great CMS. Makes darn functional sites with minimal effort. There are a plethora of modules and components. Very active userbase and a very bright future, 1.5 sounds like a platform for the future.

I "think" FireBoard (released last month) is a frankly reasonable forum for Joomla! which has been missing for a long time. Certainly Fireboard is not vBulletin (but watch out vB!).

People on the Mambo and Joomla forums have been harping for years to get a good forum to integrate into Joomla!.

Michael's uber skills really come to the forefront here - many great coders have failed to bridge Joomla! and vB. To up the ante (especially for vB types) he's added template integration. To ice the cake, there is no vBulletin hacking. Incredible !

MOTM ? uh ... MOT(Year) !

Congrats Michael on some fine work. I am going to try this on my site very soon. Should be interesting to see how a newbie does with it !
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