Thread: Integration with vBulletin - vB Bad Behavior (vB4)
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Version 1.0.2, 04/10/2011
  • Updated /includes/functions_vb_badbehavior.php to:
    • disable Reverse Proxy if Reverse Proxy Addresses are empty
    • distinguish SQL queries using "SET", for example: SET @@session.wait_timeout = 90 - which is used by BB
    • set "offsite_forms" to false by default, as it's not really needed in vB IMHO, and it can cause problems with certain setups
    • cleaned up the bb2_read_settings() function and fixed a typo in one of the vbulletin options calls
  • Updated /includes/whitelist.ini to include the following GOOGLE ranges:
  • Updated /admincp/vb_badbehavior.php
    • Log pruning was pruning all logs, despite what was entered for number of days
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