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Originally Posted by attroll View Post
Sorry I am guilty for taking this off track. I was just trying to state that you could own your own server and only pay for bandwidth rather them paying a high monthly price for a dedicated server.


I was not insinuating that you sat around doing nothing. What I was trying to say was if the end user (people like me) do not mess around with there server settings then there is not much that will go wrong as long as then get a server management team that does what they are suppose to do. Paying hundreds of dollars for server management support is not required. Sometimes when you pay that much you are not getting any better support then what some of the lower priced companies give you. There are some companies that charge too much to do the same things as the lower priced company does. What it all boils down to is if you are paying $25 a month for server management support you get what you pay for. Which is most likely someone doing nothing or very little and getting paid for it. The person that is looking for a company to manage there server has to do there research.

When I started out I tried two companies that charged between $25 and $35 and did not know all the crap they stated they knew in their write-ups or they hired help that had little experience. The reason I know this is because I know a little about servers and when I was asking questions about some issues the answers they gave me were incorrect and they were trying to baffle me with crap.

Right now I have a great server management company and if my server goes down at 3 am on Christmas day, I know I have a support team that will be right on it.

Sorry I said that you sit around doing nothing. I worded that statement wrong. I know that a good team keeps everything up to date and does more then checking for viruses. I was just trying to say that you donít have to pay over $100 for a good server management company.
You're not in the right class though either, I've been a system and network administrator for both private clients and coperations.

When I think big board now adays I think 3-5 servers.
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