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Originally Posted by Dr.osamA View Post
sorry man

dont add it no problem
Do not bother yourself with this
These codes mean the rights of translation for arabic member and for connect me when it is necessary
i can remove hol file if it bother you bro ... dont worry

add image for explntion this showing only in ACP
note:I do not remember I translated another your MOD ... and it seems I will not this again
Well think about it... why add that when they see your name as the one who translated, it would be listed in the credits and you could even rename the product file yourself I mean anything but adding in more code .

The other thread, I asked the same question as I noticed you did the same thing, check the other versions in Spanish and other in that thread... did those coders add in more code? - No, suffice to say imo it's simply not needed, follow?

Originally Posted by Crotan View Post
Tagged for later use. Still using the BRR version with the modification to change it to head and not body. Still working, not sure why the coder jumped ship.

BRR has the option for Asynch and standard. Will switch to yours if it ever breaks. Thanks for picking this up!
I hated to see that, will miss BBR-APBT on here but sometimes people justify their actions when others do not so to each their own I suppose . I'll see about modifying so users can use normal or asynch versions however I'm not sure what was in the most recent version of BBR's mod as it was removed and the only reason I re-released it per say is so others would not miss out. Of course it was not marked as re-usable code however you can't copyright adding Google Analytics to a forum via a simple plugin method so touche' .
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