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Originally Posted by Dr.osamA View Post
hi man
I do not know what bother you
I promise you I will not touch any your MOD in next time
I anserd you in other thread
so i remove my XML file here
I apologize but plzzz dont worry abut other thread and coders

thank you
Hmm language differences here are making it hard for me to get the point across...

"In my opinion, since other coders who provide free translations for mods DO NOT add in extra code, it's my opinion that you should not either."

That's all I meant and tried to explain I would place the translation in the first post if you removed all the extra code, one extra line in the description is all that's required and I feel in a sense that you have done this in the past, others may not have checked to see how you modified, I however check it all before placing it under my name but enough of this it was simply a observation that I felt should have been observed however again, our language differences prevented me from getting the point across.

*Please ask a friend to translate so you understand where I'm coming from .


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