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Originally Posted by DragonByte Tech View Post
Have you tried re-uploading the files and/or reimporting the product? I've seen this happen once or twice during testing and development, but could never figure out why. It was always fixed by re-uploading the files and reimporting the product.
First thing I tried, made no difference.

Originally Posted by DragonByte Tech View Post
It shouldn't causing that extreme of issues, but do you have any other jQuery mods installed? In the cases that I have seen with conflicts with other jQuery mods, the slider will still load, but nothing will show up.
No other jQuery using mods that I'm aware of. Our mod list is quite extensive, so narrowing it down might be a little tough. I'll try the update here in the morning, see if it fixes things.

Originally Posted by Mr_Running View Post
What Internet browser do you use?
We tried it on Firefox, Chrome, Safari and IE, from the computers of multiple staff members in different countries. Same issue was experienced by all.
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