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Question Database Errors

Nick Smith: Hi Jennifer. My name is Nick Smith. How are you today?
jennifer: Hi Nick. I have spoken with support several times now with the same issue.
jennifer: after a few hours of activity on my site, it seems to give a database error that reads:
jennifer: Database error in vBulletin : Invalid SQL: SELECT * FROM datastore WHERE title IN ('','options','bitfields','attachmentcache','forumcache','usergroupcache','style cache','languagecache','products','pluginlist','cron','profilefield','adv_module s','adv_portal_cale','adv_portal_home','adv_portal_opts','adv_portal_page','adv_ portal_tpst','attachmentcache','bbcodecache','birthdaycache','eventcache','iconc ache','maxloggedin','rankphp','smiliecache','userstats'); MySQL Error : User 'belliesb_forums' has exceeded the 'max_questions' resource (current value: 50000) Error Number : 1226
jennifer: I have done all that is asked of me from the support, and they advised me to delete all database users and that has not seemed to help. I was advised this would cause the issue to stop, but it has not.
Nick Smith: Okay.
Nick Smith: Can you please hold while I review your account?
jennifer: the only way i can do this to get the error to go away is to log into my vdeck and update the database users -- but with being at work all day, its not possible for me to do this, which means my site is un-usable during that whole time.
Nick Smith: Thank you for your patience.
Nick Smith: Can you please provide the URL where you are receiving error?
jennifer: the error is now fixed. But this happens ALL day everyday when I have activity.. I have just copied and pasted to you the error i get in the email.
Nick Smith: Okay.
Nick Smith: If you get ant such issues, please go to the database admin and add a test user to the database.
Nick Smith: It will fix the issue.
jennifer: but they told me to delete all extra ones i had.
jennifer: I had that done and then they told me to delete them ??
Nick Smith: You can delete the test user once your Web site start working.
Nick Smith: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
Nick Smith: Thanks for chatting with us. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are available 24x7.
Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.

This convo tells what all problem I am having. Any ideas??
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