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Two questions, help needed

First of all let me just say thanks for taking the time to check my post - I have two questions that I was hoping the fantastic crew here at could help me with.

1) I am about to set up RSS Feeds and have created a user for the feeds to be posted as eg: NewsMan
I was wondering if there was a way where the post count for this user will not increase otherwise it will give false readings when finding most threads started by, and top posters etc.

2) Over recent years I have added a number of mods from this site and am taking htem off one by one, I have a database error that is really getting annoying - I was wondering if there was anyway I could just set up a new board and bring only the members and posts across, I don't want to do over the whole website, but with sooooo many hacks/mods installed and then removed and for some reason the uninstall didn't take the database stuff out I just want to start fresh with brand new 3.8.2 and blog 2.2.

I know number 2 can be done using impex but issue is i do not want to have to install it on a new address the site is now - and would like to keep it that way rather than having to edit it all.

And advice you can give us would be highly appreciated - I think i know the answer to 2 - fresh install, new database, impex to bring messages, forums, threads across then done - but just want to make sure with the coders before i stuff anything up.
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