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Originally Posted by alfaowner View Post
Will this show custom smilies on blogs and other addons? The old version didnt.
It should show the smilies for anything that uses the bbcode parser and the editor (either standard or wysiwyg) - I do not have the Blog product, so I can't confirm that for you.

Originally Posted by trotskid View Post
Thansk for the update!

It's necessary to full uninstall the old version or just import the product?
Re-upload the files, and re-import the product with "Allow Overwrite" set to yes, and that should take care of it. There are no major changes as far as the database table for MySmilies - everything should be fine.

But, if you're a 'safety freak' like I am, hehe, make a backup of your current MySmilies database table, and files before doing so.
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