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Hi everyone,

Thanks to a number of bug reports we've worked out some of the issues to do with DragonByte Forum Tabs (DFT) and so we are releasing version 1.0.3 which contains those fixes and a number of other issues we came across (for both the Pro and Lite versions). It also adds a method to prevent the main Category Tab and AJAX Tab from being deactivated which caused a number of errors.

The full Changelog is here:

Feature: Unable to deactivate either the 'Forum' Category Tab or the 'All' AJAX Tab.
Fixed: Template that wasn't cached.
Fixed: Unstickied Category Tab showing next to the 'More' Tab when the Selected Category.
Fixed: Non-Global Tabs not showing up under their parent Category Tab.
Fixed: No Favourites and No Default Tab notices not dismissing correctly.
Fixed: Issue where on all Category Tabs and AJAX Tabs being deactivated would cause a PHP error.
Fixed: Cookie setting error.
Fixed: A conditional that conflicts with the fix for non-Global Tabs above.

Thanks as always to everyone for their feedback and suggestions.
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