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Originally Posted by addamroy View Post
The link/button would have to somehow load and send the applicable data into the button code (whatever username/product id variables vb sends to Paypal) to be sent back via api after the sale.

We just want to cut that paid subscriptions page out of the picture. User clicks "buy button" and goes straight to the payment processor like a normal sales process.
You can modify this, you can also edit the database and change any auto-increment product id's to the # you wish that would match a particular # in the button code such as subscription/product id # as well. So there is still a wayt o use this even if you don't see it or understand right now . Chime back in when you have installed and fiddled with it and have a working button code, post the paypal button code here for review and I'll help as best I can, time permitting etc.
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