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Originally Posted by final kaoss View Post
You do not have to install it under /forum, you can install it into the root folder or wherever you want it.
Thanks @final kaoss
I have few more questions before buying vBulletin for my site, can you please help me on that too.
1) As per my understanding (based on many reviews) the vBulletin versions till version 4 are faster then the current version. Is it true?
2) I like the look and feel of version 3.8 (which is used here), can i achieve this look in the latest version?
3) After buying latest version, can i used the older version (3.8/4.2) for my site, instead of using the latest version. If yes then what is the major thing i will be missing out?
4) I read vbSeo is not required in latest version. Does the default software is as effective as vbSeo?
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