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Thank you to those who let us know about the issue, and my apologies to those who were blocked. As BirdOPrey guessed, I did install ZB Block last week in an attempt to fight spammers. Since it's obviously blocking at least a few people that are not spammers, I've disabled the system so nobody should have any issues accessing the site now.

Originally Posted by vbenhancer View Post
i don't think they need to lock down half of their potential customers just to be sure some spammers do not trash their site... or they are too lazy to install better server-side security fixes...
What would you suggest to stop spammers? We've tried many things over the last few years and none have worked very well. We still use vBstopforumspam along with a few custom tricks such as hidden inputs and blocking registration from the same IPs and e-mail from previously banned members. That takes care of a good bit of spam, but still quite a bit slips through.
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