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Originally Posted by S3Ponline View Post
well I donít want to block them, I just want them to see how screwed up everything is and update.

And your image file isnít showing so I couldnít see what the image would look like.
Well, it's not my image file, it's not my hack.

All this does is overlay a image over the board, explains you are using IE6 and says "We don't support it" and gives links to upgrade to either the latest version of IE or Firefox.

I doubt very many humans actually see it where it's installed. It's going to be botnet slave computers still using IE6 and earlier, in the vast majority.

Here's a screengrab from a board that has this:

I think we are well past the point of having anyone out there to offend. If there are any humans still using IE6, they need to get themselves a 21st Century browser, since we are in the 21st Century. They would be doing themselves a huge favor in getting rid of that wet paper sack, archaic dinosaur, piece of crap, IE6.
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