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Old 27 Nov 2014, 21:46
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I just installed this mod, but I need help. Maybe I just don't understand how it's supposed to work. Problem: I have a test user which is set up with as a regular user but also belonging to a special test user group called "Special Test." I set up a mailing list and set that user group to "Default Subscribed" However, when I click on "View Subscribed Users" in the Mailing List Manager, that user in that test group does NOT show up, nor does he get mail when I send mail from the meal list. However, when I look at the Subscription Log, I see that user has :Subscribed" but under "Mailing List" it says "N/A". So when I select a user group to be "Default Subscribed" in a mailing list, it seems to give them a subscribed status, but not subscribed to any list. What am I missing, or is this a bug?
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