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Originally Posted by dandanch View Post
GlowHost,still waiting for your support
Originally Posted by CheeSie View Post
Getting the same as dandanch
Did you make sure that this was not the answer to the problem?

Originally Posted by Adan0s View Post
Like mrbigandwonderf mentioned I also can't access the S-O-M logs since 2.0.1.
Maybe there is nothing to be logged yet. Did you try getting yourself to wind up in the logs?

Originally Posted by dprice View Post

I was looking forward to seeing at least 100+ new spambot registrations in the logs this morning but as of yet, zero.
The old system made excessive calls to the SFS database and was also logging some things several times. The new logs are less verbose and much more accurate.

Originally Posted by rolfw1 View Post
Have a small problem, didn't uninstall the older version, just used overwrite. So then uninstalled and reinstalled the new version, but the ban user section in the user profile is not there anymore. How can I get around this problem?
You need to completely uninstall the old mod as described in the first post in big red letters in the installation instructions area.

As for the user profile banning option, it was removed in version 2.0. Depending on popularity we may add it again at some point but there were lots of conflicts with it.
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