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Yes. now i use the vb widget with the rss but it creates threads ina specific forum. I want the widget show the title of the news and clicking on it will redirect on the site news.
Yeah, that's a horrible, unpleasant workaround. Here's a much better way I finally figured out

Go to and configure your RSS feed there, using your Drupal RSS link. Then create a php/HTML forum block and paste the code they give you. Select html as the content type.

You have to create a free account to get the code so create your account before configuring your widget.

You can also use the rss feed widget maker at but not if your site is using SSL because their SSL isn't configured properly.

Both offer the option to link to an external CSS if you want to be extraparticular about your styling.

I've used both and they're both good, never went down.

Have fun
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