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Originally Posted by FF|Skyrider View Post
I attempted to install this on a different forum (outside my own) and it kept forwarding me to a blank page when I attempted to press the "login with steam" option. The API key was correctly filled in, any idea what's wrong? And yes, the API key was pointed to the right domain.
Do you have error reporting disabled? This way there might be a php error which you don't see. Hard to tell from here, since white page doesn't tell anything about the internal state.

try to enable error reporting if you have access to your php installation or look for a online tutorial on how to enable "display_errors" in certain directories (like your forum directory)

Also, this might help:
Originally Posted by ZERO <ibis> View Post
Is there any way this mod could automatically place a users steam id into a custom profile field. This would be a great help for those of us that already have many mods that use a players STEAM_x:x:xxx number for stats and other things.

I personally like the idea of this mod in its ability to make it possibly easier for users to get their steam id into the forums without needing to learn how to open the console up.
It should be possible to get the steam id representation you're referring to. I'll look for a way to store that info too.

But as I know the steam id system, it should be possible with the right algorithm to convert the steamid64 the mod currently uses to the STEAM_xxx representation on the fly. See for example this:

And there you have it:
Originally Posted by wtfaatp View Post
I agree with the above statement is there also a way to make it so that players can only login with steam after being logged in with vbulletin account.
Possible: Maybe. But that's not the point of the mod, since it presents an alternative authentication method for vb. Modifying it to a second login layer would be way beyond the scope of the mod and push the mods functionality in a direction, I don't want it to be.

Why should you have to login to your vb account first? If you linked your steam id to a vbulletin account, you can login with the steam method AND be logged in to your vb account.
Why split it up to two separate logins?
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