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Lynne, as always you're a goddess It worked... MOSTLY.

There is something weird going on. The banner is nicely right aligned as long as my forum window is no wider than about 1400 pixels. If I widen the window any wider, suddenly the ad banner pops up so that it is almost hidden off the top of the screen.

My doc_width stylevar is set to "auto" so when I widen or narrow the window that the site is being displayed in, the entire site widens or narrows automatically.

How it looks up to approx 1400 pixels wide:

How it looks when I widen the window a little bit more:

The screenshots are from my front page (vBadvanced) but the header behaves exactly the same on ALL vBulletin pages - forumlist, threads, etc. The header does not gradually float up there, it "snaps" up once I hit a certain width (that I can't quite figure out).

[EDIT] I spent a little time measuring the window and it appears that the header pops up when the document width (including margins) is somewhere between 1510 and 1520.[/EDIT]

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