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Looking for some Database work (will pay you to fix)

So I'm having an issue on my vb4 that is causing a error message for Insufficient Memory. So I had a friend who has helped me a ton check into it. This is what he said

The database is creating temporary tables that are supposed to delete after automatically but for some reason they are not deleting and you've got thousands and thousands of tables on your database is why your site is not working.

So he attempted to delete them through phpmyadmin but that didn't work. When he tried to delete them he kept getting an error. I called my host, GoDaddy, and they said it's against their policy to delete anything from a database. They said I need someone to use an external program like my SQL workbench.

I haven't changed anything in months on the site. In Sept we went from a group server to our own independent one. We had some hiccups on the switch but eventually got everything plugged back in correctly.

I'm willing to pay someone to get this fixed. So please help me out, I need to get this corrected asap.

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