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send me his hotmail e-mail address to . I hate these type of internet punks and I take GREAT DELIGHT in taking these f**ks out!!!

I will track down everything about him (because I have legal access to MSN), and forward you his IP, real name, location, phone number and anything else tied to his system.

Then you can take legal action if he did anything destructive.. But NEVER GIVE UP YOUR VB ACCESS!!! I had this exact same thing happen to me 3 weeks ago on except this person somehow actually gained access and tried nuking my templates, hell, I'm still fixing my board, look @ this page. This is the last one I have to figure out how to fix(since I'm not a coder).

But in return, I locked him out of his home computer (from info from his hotmail address), then reported him to my local FBI office, come to find out, he was local to my area AND have child porn and hacking tools on his computer.. NYS has a no tolerence policy against hackers.

SO BASICALLY, if this dude you're dealing with is tourmenting you via "HOTMAIL" then he's a TOTAL IDIOT... HOTMAIL/MSN is totally tracable on all levels.. Let me know if you need any assistance...

I hate destructive hackers :-(
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