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Hi all,

First of all I'M a total newbie....joined a week back. Below is what I think about this discussion, its just my sweet little brainy thought over

i just went through the whole discussion, got to learn a lot..
But, I'd like to know something from the masters here !!

The person above "fordsho" describes his problem, he says that he has around 200000 members on his board. But did anyone noticed his Join Date and Post Counts ??

how can he ever have 200000 members in 3 months ??

If in any case, he's true then he must be using a nulled version of vBulletin since years that already contained some malicious program within itself that allowed the hacker to screw the board up OR he himself got lucky enough to get hands on the database of some big board (God knows how).

Please do reply to this and correct me if i'm going wrongg..

Thank You
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