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Repeating reps

I messed up my account, so my original post got closed, so this is a repost, however I never received an answer. Forgive the repost.

Original Post:

First of all I'm not, nor do I pretend to be an real coder, however I can go into the code and make MINOR changes. I can walk around the code fine, just don't have any real knowledge of PHP etc.

So I'm using SultanTheme on our site. ( We wanted to post the actual number of reps, rather than just the little green squares. What happens is with the code below is the following is repeated after every 100 reps. []= green box graphic

Reps: 691 [] Reps: 619 [] Reps: 619 [] Etc. What I want is just a display that shows
Reps: 691
Then standard green box display depicting every 100 reps

Here is the code I have in the area postbit_reputation

Reps: $post[reputation] <img class="inlineimg" src="$stylevar[imgdir_reputation]/reputation_$posneg.gif" alt="$post[username] $post[level]" border="0" />

I know it's probably something simple to the trained eye, but to my limited knowledge, can't see it.

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