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Originally Posted by Gryphon View Post
@Finger78, I can not view your roster as a guest, though the images need to be uploaded per style, this is how my mods work to allow separate images per style. I am unsure why you had issue with your style needing folders to be created/renamed. I see you have several styles which, admittedly, can be a pain having to upload this mods images for each style. All I can guess is it was just a simple mistake in the upload process, they should all have the same structure.

Regarding the armory url, you may have a replacement variable that is modifying the output. I double checked my code and as far as I can see, it is not my code causing the odd urls.

With the Skills tab being dropped from the Armory, I will change the link to Achievements for future versions.
Not sure why, yes I do have several style and I uploaded the roster images to whatever random spot for each style (viewed it in IE and just looked at the broken images to see where it was looking then uploaded to there)

As for the url, not sure myself why the problem exsists, I couldnt find any other variable that would change it but its fixed now.

Glad I could help with the skills link.

Thanks for this great mod, my guild members are raving about it daily for ease of info about themselves and others in the guild A++ mod
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