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I noticed in my vB AdminCp>>Style Manager...there's a template called "Generic_Shell".

I don't know if this is a template that comes with a standard install of vB4...or if someone in the past made it for quick template making.

Here's the code that's in the "Generic_Shell" template:

{vb:stylevar htmldoctype}
<html xmlns="//"<vb:if condition="$vboptions['enablefacebookconnect']"> xmlns:fb="//"</vb:if> dir="{vb:stylevar textdirection}" lang="{vb:stylevar languagecode}" id="vbulletin_html">

{vb:raw headinclude}
<title>{vb:raw pagetitle}</title>

<vb:if condition="$includecss">
<vb:if condition="$vboptions['storecssasfile']">
<vb:each from="includecss" value="file">
{vb:cssfile {vb:raw file}}
<vb:else />
{vb:cssfile {vb:raw includecss}}
{vb:raw headinclude_bottom}

{vb:raw header}

{vb:raw navbar}

{vb:raw HTML}

{vb:raw footer}


Is this something I could use to make a new pages on my vB site...or is there a lot more to it?

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