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Originally Posted by OldSchoolDSL View Post
I wrote it over 10 years ago, but claim no ownership.

You can indeed find the code by doing a Google search and you'll find the very same code, but with over 100 different site's claiming ownership.

You take your pick and decide how you wish to proceed.
Actually I did just that well before I posted since we received a report and came to the conclusion that it was shown on many sites with some showing more code and "copyright" code in it that was not to be removed and some that did not and matched your posted code 100%. I did not mean to deceive you (well not the evil kind lol) by not stating I knew all of this in advance however sometimes you catch a wolf in sheep's clothing doing that and sometimes you can be mistaken which seems like the case here although it was not a mistake on my part nor yours as it seems.

My reply to someone earlier today via PM:

Originally Posted by TheLastSuperman

Long story short remember to search a few times online and maybe even dig a little more before reporting... you could be 100% correct in assuming it was taken or 100% wrong as that's something we can't know due to the nature of the script.

Have a look at this -

Now can you tell me if he copied from the site you linked to or the one I did... see how on the site I link to the code is exactly as he has it posted? So based on that we could possibly search some more and see more sites w/ the code stating it was free to use - if it were copied code from vBulletin for example we could say for sure but with what I just linked to I can't say one way or another so I've decided to leave it up and wanted to let you know that I felt it could be honest as well so we should at least give the benefit of the doubt .

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