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Originally Posted by TheLastSuperman View Post
Actually I did just that well before I posted since we received a report and came to the conclusion that it was shown on many sites with some showing more code and "copyright" code in it that was not to be removed and some that did not and matched your posted code 100%. I did not mean to deceive you (well not the evil kind lol) by not stating I knew all of this in advance however sometimes you catch a wolf in sheep's clothing doing that and sometimes you can be mistaken which seems like the case here although it was not a mistake on my part nor yours as it seems.

My reply to someone earlier today via PM:
I completely understand and respect your concern.

I also understand that for many here, taking credit for their work is very important. But for me it's not so important.

This script I released long go into the wild... ie... It was meant as a holiday gift to whoever thought they could use it or felt they could benefit from it.

I'm not sure how I could ever prove that, but its been passed around so much and so often now, that I doubt anyone else could prove or disprove it either. And honestly, I see no point or reasoning in trying.

It pops up again around the holidays as it can be expected. Copyrights added, removed, changed, and the code sometimes completely in its original form or mixed with others.....

I never sought any credit for it. I'm still happy that it works and people like it.... That's good enough for me.
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