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There is no such thing as an owned license any more.

Prior to the vB4 release there were two types of license:

Owned license: You paid a one off fee similar to how you do now, and you could run the software for life, similar to now. BUT the initial fee covered updates for a year. After that, you could carry on running the software, but only up to the latest version that was available at the point the year expired. You could then by a further year of updates for a small fee. This is similar to how XenForo works today. There are still plenty of customers with these licenses, but the upgrade option is no longer available for purchase...if they want the newer releases they need to upgrade to a full 'new style' license.

Leased license: You paid an annual fee and could run the software and download updates for a year. After a year, you either paid the same fee again, or else you had to stop running the software altogether.

Just a little history lesson for anyone interested.
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