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Actually it ended up being sort of fun once I realized what they were doing and how to stop it. It took them about 36 hours before they realized that I changed their spam email message body. That gave me time to watch the http log file and gather info on them before I changed permissions on the files which stopped them dead in their tracks. I also got their web site taken offline by submitting my info to the hosting company whose server they were on. The hosting company was using Amazonaws, but I won't mention the host company here for obvious reasons.

The spammers were rather upset (to say the least). I had gotten the Amazonaws people involved as well as the people, and they were monitoring things when who ever it was tried to DoS the site. They failed to even slow the site down for more than 10 to 20 seconds at a time. They gave up after about an hour.

Getting their site taken offline gave me a good feeling, so all ended well.
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