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PhotoPost Integration with vB 5.3.1

Hi All,

We recently bit the bullet and upgraded our forum from vB 3.8.10 to vB 5.3.1. There have been several little things to take care of and tweak to make it run the way we wanted, but it's been OK for the most part. It's running pretty well in fact.

One big hurdle... we had been using PhotoPost Pro 8.5 with the previous vB software, using the vB3 integration options. We knew it would be a headache to try to get PhotoPost working again, but didn't think it would be too terrible. But alas... it is... terrible. We've used the vB5 integration option (onm with vB3 off) and followed the scant instructions we could find on integrating PhotoPost with "vB50," but to no avail. As many of you know, PhotoPost is off the grid. Their forums are not available, and most functionality of their site seems to be shut down.

After searching here quite a bit, I've come up with very little. I dread the answer, but I have to ask... has anyone had any success integrating PhotoPost 8.5 with vBulletin 5.3.x?


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