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How do you put a cookie banner on a vBulletin forum?

Hello everyone, I am writing this message because I was wondering how do you put a cookie banner on a vBulletin forum. The version of vBulletin that I am using is vBulletin 5 connect. It's version 5.64. I am not sure how to put a banner on my forum. Every site that I go to has a banner on their forum informing the visitor of the use of cookies. This forum has the same thing. What code do I need to add, or mod, that will allow me to have a banner that informs the visitor, or member of my website, of the use of cookies. I want a banner just like the one that is on this forum. vBulletin includes an option that you can turn on in the AdminCP that informs the visitor of cookies being used on the website, but I don't like it. It freezes the whole screen, and when I hit okay, it causes an error. I just want a simple banner that will show up when someone visits my forum.

Can someone please help me out with this?

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