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This one is new to me, I think, hoping somebody has seen it. The main photo display stopped working, all photos, multiple, updated browsers. We're still using vb 4.2.3 w/any applicable patches.

I've tried using the photoplog maintenance tools, and looking over file.php, the apparent issue. I noted the file on the server was smaller in size than the original photoplog/file.php file, v2.1.6. I tried a backup and overwrite. Verified chmodding.

The paths below are for the same picture. From Chrome Inspect tool:

<img style="padding: 1px; border: 1px solid #CCCCCC;" src=";w=l" alt="Click to view original" border="0" title="Click to view original">
Picture's properties in IE 11 (Looked at in Edge too.):

Mozilla error message displayed: <img src=";w=o" alt="The image “;w=o” cannot be displayed because it contains errors.">
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