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After I fixed it, it happened again. I think the hacker is just watching the forum
But the thing is, its only the forum directory getting affected.
I have to close it down for a while
This guy didnt let me have a chance of backing up the files.

I don't think it's a virus though.

He seems to be talking to me on AIM.
I have to settle this

I just settled this with him on his AIM.

Pegasus1337xx 10:47 pm
(10:48:02 PM): hey babe
xXPSPXx123 10:48 pm
(10:48:05 PM): ++++ you
Pegasus1337xx 10:48 pm
(10:48:18 PM): in my ass?
xXPSPXx123 10:48 pm
(10:48:20 PM): Do i even know you
Pegasus1337xx 10:48 pm
(10:48:26 PM): isnt that kinda gay?
xXPSPXx123 10:48 pm
(10:48:33 PM): Im talking to you
Pegasus1337xx 10:48 pm
(10:48:40 PM): oh thats right
(10:48:45 PM): you bluff way to much
xXPSPXx123 10:48 pm
(10:48:49 PM): And how
Pegasus1337xx 10:48 pm
(10:48:53 PM): I thought Id teach you a lesson
xXPSPXx123 10:49 pm
(10:49:00 PM): and who are you
Pegasus1337xx 10:49 pm
(10:49:06 PM): pegasus
xXPSPXx123 10:49 pm
(10:49:13 PM): Who are you really
(10:49:19 PM): what have i done t you
Pegasus1337xx 10:49 pm
(10:49:23 PM): pegasus -_-
xXPSPXx123 10:49 pm
(10:49:29 PM): what have I dont to you
Pegasus1337xx 10:49 pm
(10:49:43 PM): I made a backup
(10:49:59 PM): oh well its gone now
Pegasus1337xx 10:50 pm
(10:50:04 PM): since youre so damn hostile
xXPSPXx123 10:50 pm
(10:50:33 PM): I should contact my host
Pegasus1337xx 10:50 pm
(10:50:41 PM): go ahead
(10:51:04 PM): im not the one with warez on my host
xXPSPXx123 10:51 pm
(10:51:11 PM): waht the ++++ are you talking about
(10:51:14 PM): I dont have warez
(10:51:18 PM): My site is for legit players
(10:51:23 PM): People tha DONT hack
(10:51:26 PM): I never bluffed
(10:51:29 PM): I dotn know you
(10:51:34 PM): I think you mistaken someone else
Pegasus1337xx 10:51 pm
(10:51:46 PM): oh really now?
(10:51:57 PM): pimpin psp
xXPSPXx123 10:52 pm
(10:52:06 PM): How the ++++ are you
(10:52:12 PM): Waht ahve I done to you
Pegasus1337xx 10:52 pm
(10:52:14 PM): im great
(10:52:38 PM): It would help if your grammar didn't suck.
xXPSPXx123 10:52 pm
(10:52:46 PM): I type to fast
Pegasus1337xx 10:52 pm
(10:52:52 PM): so do i :O
(10:52:57 PM): you dont see me making mistakes
xXPSPXx123 10:53 pm
(10:53:19 PM): Dude just stop it
Pegasus1337xx 10:53 pm
(10:53:21 PM): the picture suites you nicely
xXPSPXx123 10:53 pm
(10:53:30 PM): Just stop this shit
Pegasus1337xx 10:53 pm
(10:53:36 PM): ok
xXPSPXx123 10:53 pm
(10:53:40 PM): dude please
Pegasus1337xx 10:53 pm
(10:53:43 PM): since you asked nicely
xXPSPXx123 10:53 pm
(10:53:56 PM): Thank you
(10:54:00 PM): PLease dont do it again
xXPSPXx123 10:54 pm
(10:54:08 PM): And for reals, who are you
Pegasus1337xx 10:54 pm
(10:54:27 PM): -link-
(10:54:31 PM):
xXPSPXx123 10:54 pm
(10:54:37 PM): omg
(10:54:59 PM): no ..
(10:55:06 PM): Who is bluffing you?
Pegasus1337xx 10:55 pm
(10:55:44 PM): inside joke
xXPSPXx123 10:55 pm
(10:55:51 PM): Why are you doing htis
Pegasus1337xx 10:56 pm
(10:56:06 PM): aids sent me
Pegasus1337xx 10:56 pm
(10:56:18 PM): didn't seem to like you very much
(10:56:23 PM): i offered my services
(10:56:27 PM): and here we are
xXPSPXx123 10:56 pm
(10:56:31 PM): ++++ him I have done nothing wrong
Pegasus1337xx 10:56 pm
(10:56:42 PM): :O
(10:57:04 PM): if it makes you feel any better ill do his site as well
xXPSPXx123 10:57 pm
(10:57:12 PM): PLease
Pegasus1337xx 10:57 pm
(10:57:17 PM): put a giant penis
xXPSPXx123 10:57 pm
(10:57:23 PM): One thing in favor
(10:57:28 PM): teach me how you do tihs
(10:57:36 PM): My defacings are shit
Pegasus1337xx 10:57 pm
(10:57:41 PM): I thought you were a "big shot"
xXPSPXx123 10:57 pm
(10:57:46 PM): I never said that
Pegasus1337xx 10:57 pm
(10:57:48 PM): defaces are in html
xXPSPXx123 10:57 pm
(10:57:58 PM): I do know how to hack sites
(10:58:04 PM): I never said I was mr big shot
Pegasus1337xx 10:58 pm
(10:58:24 PM): pretty sure i said big shot
(10:58:26 PM): no mr =\
(10:58:32 PM): anyways
(10:59:01 PM): i suppose you took a backup?
xXPSPXx123 10:59 pm
(10:59:12 PM): No
(10:59:24 PM): I thought you had one
Pegasus1337xx 10:59 pm
(10:59:24 PM):
(10:59:42 PM): never even touched the panel
(10:59:58 PM): you should do backups every day or so
(11:00:04 PM): only takes like 2 minutes :O
xXPSPXx123 11:00 pm
(11:00:15 PM): Im fixing this
Pegasus1337xx 11:00 pm
(11:00:21 PM): -link-
xXPSPXx123 11:00 pm
(11:00:22 PM): Just don't do it again
xXPSPXx123 11:00 pm
(11:00:24 PM): oh no...
(11:00:36 PM): Dude seriously
(11:00:39 PM): please just stop this
Pegasus1337xx 11:00 pm
(11:00:47 PM): assumed you guys liked star wars
(11:00:55 PM): that site is fine
(11:00:58 PM): look
xXPSPXx123 11:01 pm
(11:01:31 PM): its not fine
(11:01:36 PM): -link-
Pegasus1337xx 11:01 pm
(11:01:43 PM): refresh
xXPSPXx123 11:02 pm
(11:02:07 PM): dude just stop this
Pegasus1337xx 11:02 pm
(11:02:11 PM): ok
Pegasus1337xx 11:02 pm
(11:02:30 PM):

Sorry for any profanity.
But I hope everything is fixed and settled.

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