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Originally Posted by Lynne View Post
You want the Home button to show as active when you click on your custom script? Take a look at the actual condition that makes the Home button active - you'll find it in the plugin "Navbar: Insert CMS Navbar Entry". Nowhere in there does it have anything regarding THIS_SCRIPT being equal to "vbcms", so that isn't going to work.
Thanks Lynn,

Boy I must have been tired. I just read what I posted and it doesn't even make sense! Ok I'm awake now.

on the CMS part of my site

I have a link (Publish my article) to a custom page. When you go to I want the CMS button (articles and reports) to remain selected.

I know how to do this when I want one of my custom buttons to be selected when you choose one of my custom pages but its not working for the CMS button. I thought I could just populate the "this_script=" value on the publish.php page to vbcms.

I have temporarily set the this_script value to my added home button.
Is that the wrong value? Is there another way to do this?

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