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I misspoke in my first post in this thread.

I have created lots of additional tabs before. This is the plugin code for my home tab:

$tabselected = '';
$tablinks = '';
if (THIS_SCRIPT == 'home' or THIS_SCRIPT == 'home2')
$tabselected = ' class="selected"';
$tablinks = ' <ul class="floatcontainer">
<li><a href="shoplist.php">Bike Shop Reviews</a></li>

</ul> ';

$template_hook['navtab_start'] .= '<li'.$tabselected.'><a class="navtab" href="">Home</a>'.$tablinks.'</li>' ;

On my custom pages if I set the this_script = value to home or home2 when I select those pages the home button will show as selected.

In this instance I am not using one of my custom tabs instead I am trying to get the default CMS tab (which I have renamed "articles and reports' via phrase manager") to show as selected when I launch another one of my custom pages (publish.php).

Ok I see that the required conditions appear to be:

if (defined('CMS_SCRIPT') AND class_exists('vBCms_Navbar'))

I see that
define('CMS_SCRIPT', true);

is in content.php.

Not sure what other line I need to add to publish.php in order to satisfy the second part of the if statement in Navbar: Insert CMS Navbar Entry


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