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Originally Posted by Seven Skins View Post
First of all Great Work.
First of all, I'm happy to see you again. I remember you from the glory days of this site. Hope that everything is going fine in your life.

Originally Posted by Seven Skins View Post
1 - Horizontal scroll bar is visible when the width of the forum is less then 1220px approx
I'll check it. Didn't noticed something like this before. But again scrolling does nothing. I mean there is nothing to show more.

Originally Posted by Seven Skins View Post
2 - Blue category bar images does not cover then whole width when the width is less then 970px approx
This is just in my installation. My background image is small, that's why it happen. You can replace the default background with greater in size images.

Again happy to see you.

PS: Also I'm waiting for your and all other designers to support my Project. I'm not designer, I just used a custom template that I've for my CMS Viral PHP script. With minimal knowledge of Bootstrap 3, you can do nice looking styles.
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