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Originally Posted by Hostboard View Post
The original MicroSupport was here:

I purchased the Pro. Would love to see this updated to support VB4 and use it again and drop Project Tools. Hopefully the new release would include the Pro features?
Honestly you surprised me. The only of my 50+ mods that I remember having them is sales were vbPhotovote (vb3), vbClubs(vb3), and eCommerce (vb4).

In no way, I mean that you're saying lies, just don't remember. I'll give a look to that post to see what features I had as Pro, and be sure that I'll include them. If I had them, means that they're important features.

EDITED: Just now I seen that the link is for vB3.x version. I thought that you're talking for vB4 version. And yes, as Project vB3 is already in development, I'll update it.
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