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Originally Posted by ChrisTERiS View Post
Honestly you surprised me. The only of my 50+ mods that I remember having them is sales were vbPhotovote (vb3), vbClubs(vb3), and eCommerce (vb4).

In no way, I mean that you're saying lies, just don't remember. I'll give a look to that post to see what features I had as Pro, and be sure that I'll include them. If I had them, means that they're important features.

EDITED: Just now I seen that the link is for vB3.x version. I thought that you're talking for vB4 version. And yes, as Project vB3 is already in development, I'll update it.
If you want copies I can provide them...

I have 2 versions of MicroSupport. The VB 3 version and then one that was packaged as a self extracting executable. I am not sure if that was a VB4 variant? Here is snippit of the XML from the self extracting executable...

Edit: Found a copy of the VB 4 version:
Just not sure if it will work under 4.2.5

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