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Edit vBulletin template with a code editor

Hello guys
A question about edit templates, is there a way to edit vBulletin templates from an external code editor, like NotePad++ or SublimeText?
But I'm not talking about copy and paste all the code of the template and paste it back into the vBulletin editor, but edit directly the code...

Context: We work with a VBulletin 4.2.3 and edit templates is really a PITA, no color coding, no indentation, you have to be, super-ultra careful when editing code.

This question was published in 2009
In this post is mentioned other text editor, but my question is, how can you access a template that is _inside the database and is not a simple file like template.php, how could you achieve that?

I did not want to add to the same thread because is very old, and I think, man, in 11 years things must have changed, so maybe there is a way now.

Please guys could you tell me if you guys were able to edit code with another editor?
I know that the vBulletin version we use is old, is 4.2.3 version when the new version in 5... btw, is the code editor improved?
Thank you all
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