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Originally Posted by cdoyle View Post
Yay! Thank You this is awesome! So happy to see a navbar back!
Couple questions, not sure if you know how to fix.

1. Is there a way to make the sub options appear as dropdowns in the desktop view?
2. I noticed when in mobile view (and it may have always done this and I just didn't notice it until now). But the search icon, logout option etc. ) squish together and become invisible in this area. Do you know how to make them fit better in the top blue area?

I just noticed that the dropdowns do appear when I hover over this white area. DId I do something wrong? Or is there something else going on?

Edit 2:
I'm also not able to actually select anything, as they disappear as soon as I try and hover an option.
Grrr, keeps changing the URLs to my images overnight.
To see what I'm talking about, go here

I've tried starting over, but ended up with the same result. Any ideas why the dropdowns don't seem to be working correctly?
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