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Originally Posted by Hostboard View Post
I would recommend that you add a service to your list of qualifications you are willing to offer in that "Upgrade VB4 to PHP 7.4.x" as unfortunately publishing any of the core code even here is against the rules. many sites are already running under this version of PHP with zero issues. There have been quite a few here and on other VB related sites wanting to update PHP so I think there is a niche market for this.

Just a side note, my site just got updated to MariaDB 10.5.8 and seems to be no issues with that either.
Sorry, don't have in my plans to offer such services due to lack of free time. Someone else who released here PHP 7.3 compatibility, has also updated his files for 7.4, but don't know if he is willing to release them in public.

As for the copyrights. In this case, law is not strict, for 2 reasons:
  1. Product has officially marked as EOL.
  2. Everybody can look around to find a way to keep his investment alive. Buying something is always an investment, which also has rights according to the law. Nobody can push someone to continue upgrading a script, but on the same case, nobody can restrict a user to find a way to protect his investment as long as the company does not offers it.
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