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Originally Posted by ChrisTERiS View Post
Newsletter is a bundle of 2 separate modules:
  1. First I'll complete the Mailinglist module. Have already the functions to Subscribe/Unsubscribe, so what left is to add the Newsletter creation.
  2. Second is the Member Newsletter which will includes forum activity. If I use the exact same code as my old mod, does not needs lot of work, as the only that need to change are some (few) templates.
But I can't fix a date for release. The good point is that I finished with XLForo, both script and website, so I can focus now again the XenvB4.
That's great to hear that XEN will still be developed and the additional features are still in the works.
One thing about the newsletter, will it be possible to send to forum members? In addition to people who sign up? My idea for the newsletter is to keep my members engaged with the forum.

Just a thought, as I know on my forum it would get more readers that way.

If they don't want to receive it, there could be an option within their User CP to unsubscribe?
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