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Originally Posted by cdoyle View Post
One thing about the newsletter, will it be possible to send to forum members? In addition to people who sign up? My idea for the newsletter is to keep my members engaged with the forum.

Just a thought, as I know on my forum it would get more readers that way.

This is exactly what I have in my mind but my English quality didn't help me to make it clear. So, in simple words, the recipients are:
  1. Mailinglist: Anybody who subscribes to Mailinglist
  2. Newsletter: Members

Originally Posted by cdoyle View Post
If they don't want to receive it, there could be an option within their User CP to unsubscribe?
Sure. Even if on the footer of each email should be an Unsubscribe link (you can turn if OFF), the users can always unsubscribe from an option in usercp. I'll not use the current setting "Receive emails from Admin", to have the system flexible. Maybe someone don't want to get Newsletter but still want to be inform for important announcements.

Finally, for those who don't remember this mod, it also supports:
  1. Bounce emails
  2. Ability to Admins to send a message from a smartphone to a specific email address having a password after the title (not visible to message), and the system to send this message to members. Works fine, but as it's a bit weak for security (if someone hacks the password), I'm thinking to extend it by adding a confirmation with SMS.
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