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All Templates are grouped, with a name. This is the first step of identifying what template you want. For an example there is a "Forum Home" Template group. In this group this is all the forumhome templates which make up the main forum page.
Not all templates are gourped. (from the vB cp)

not all related templates may be contained within a group, as grouping is only done alphabetically.

This is where it can get tricky. There isn't just one template for one page, there are a few! For example lets say you want to edit the Last Post By template for forumhome to change that. Usually the template name can give you an idea like for this example the template is named 'forumhome_lastpostby'. Some aren't so easy. So it's good if you take some time to identify the code in each template for future reference.
just adding to this, if you can not find a template trun on "Add template name in comments" in your options, this will show the templates name when you view the source of the page.

"Edit" to edit the actual template and "Remove" which will turn the template back into default, NOT remove it.
default templates that can not be deleated will say [revert to original] once edited, custom temples do have a [remove] link that will remove the template from the database.
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