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here's more!

I might have suggested some of these before, if I did, ignore me and send me coffee!!

> When you create a tournament - there is no conformation page - should be something that pops up saying "You have created a Pingu Tournament for 4 players with 2 tries each. Your tournament is now active and waiting for players.
And then it takes you back to where it does now, the 'create a tournament' page, so you can create another tournament.

> On that same page of tournament creation, there should be a link to:
A - go back to the main aracade
B - view all active tournaments
in case you dont want to create any more tournaments

> on the Create a tournament function - the ability to 'invite' your buddies of choice at the time of creation

> Once a tournament is created, if you go view a tournament, and you want to invite your friend, because you know she likes that game but probably hasnt just seen it yet, you can click on an 'invite player' link, and then put in the username, and the Arcade System sends that user a PM saying they have been invited into the Pingu Slap Tournament, with a link included for joining.

> On the main tournament page, you can view active tournaments and tournaments waiting for players - it would also be good to have a link to "Finished Tournaments", which would display the tournament name, the date it was finished, and who won it.

> Giving your tournament a custom name.
When creating a tournament, it would be cool to give it a custom name - for example right above the choice of what game the tournament is going to be about, there would be a name field, give us like 120 characters or maybe 240 - and we could name the tournament something like 'jilly's ultimate Pingu Slap Down Challenge'
"jilly's frosty christmas tetris ball"
it would make getting an invitation more colorful - "You've been invited to jilly's frosty christmas tetris ball"
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