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Originally Posted by tryance View Post
I need more traffic to my forum...I have paid for ads with google adword but google seems to have SO MANY ads these days that my simple cheap ad isn't getting any traffic to my site.

Does anyone have any great traffic drawing strategies?
Reciprocal Links.

Set up a link section on your website.

Search google for interesting sites, that also have a links section, and contact details of the webmaster.

Then add their link to your website.

Then contact them, explaining you are not a competing site, and found their site and thought it would be great for your members, that you have added their link, and heres my link, if you would like to add it.

This is a very basic, but proven method of getting traffic. Do it carefully, and take your time.

Another method, is to approach high traffic websites, and see if they have a link sponsor area, usually on home page ( as most high traffic sites only wish to be 0 depth away from home page ) for spidering by web crawlers.

Whenever you give someone a link, always add title and alt tag attributes. Plus a description of your site, using well chosen keywords descriptively !


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