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How to create a comparison page of my subscibed/unsubscribed memberships?

Hi all, i would like to create a front page for my forum through which visitors or unregisered, not logged in users must pass (i have no idea how to do this, i have very little or no experience using html or php), of course in this front page i want to add a welcome and some blurb about the site but i also would like a "Compare" section showing what i offer to the user who doesnt have a paid subscription and what i offer the subscribed with 2 buttons below "No Thanks!" and "Subscribe", the no thanks should then just point them to the main forum board which i believe is index.php the subscribe should take them through to subscribe which i think is payments.php.

Can the above be done easily? i have just purchased VB 3.7.2 PL1, this is my first every website and adventure so be gentle

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