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Hi Mark,

I've recently installed this excellent mod on a couple of vBulletin 4.2.5 forums that I administer.

As it was working well on the first one I installed it on, I installed it on the second one. Soon after, I was informed by a user that he was receiving the following requester on clicking on the Post Quick Reply button, after typing a response into the Quick Reply panel:


This had never happened previously, and the normal behaviour returned on disabling the mod. A little more testing determined that with the mod enabled, but no tag names specified, the problem didn't occur!

I didn't notice the problem on the first forum, as I had disabled the Quick Reply option on it. When I temporarily enabled it there, the problem manifested itself.

Wondering if there was a conflict with some other mod, I tried disabling them all on a test version of the production forum, but the problem persisted.

I've just now done an install of a new, clean, V4.2.5 forum, with no changes to the default configuration. Yes, Click Not Required was the default for the Quick Reply option.

After creating a thread, and doing a couple of Quick Replies, without any problem, I installed the mod, and the problem manifested itself (again, only when a tag name was specified). So, it would seem that the problem isn't caused by any conflict with another mod?

Any ideas?

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