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I know why they left. They didn't all leave for the same reasons. I welcome any discussion people want to have. So, don't leave it at that. If you want to question something I've said I encourage it because this is a discussion that needs to be had. The "official modifications" site is dead for a lot of reasons. If you have no desire to "get into it again" why are you replying?
You THINK you know why they left.

Unless you've personally spoken directly to each developer that has left, you are making assumptions. I can make that statement as fact because I have never made why I left fully public and you haven't spoken to me.

And there is no point in discussing those reasons because in most cases they still exist today in the current version of vB5. There's nothing that will make vB5 fix problems that were brought out in alpha testing and still exist in the bug tracker today after years of being there.